OX2 as an investment

OX2 is one of Europe’s leading developers of renewable energy sources. An attractive business model, a strong financial position and strong underlying demand for our product creates value for shareholders.

Market leader in renewable energy sources in Europe
OX2 has nearly two decades of experience in developing renewable energy sources and has developed and sold more onshore wind power than any other player on the European market. We have a strong and diversified project development portfolio which, since 2018, through a combination of acquisitions and new project development, has grown from 2 GW to a total of 17.4 GW as of 31 December 2021. The fast-growing portfolio consists of around 90 projects related to onshore and offshore wind power and solar power. Our operations are spread across OX2’s geographic markets of Sweden, Finland, Poland, France, Italy and Romania, but we are also focused on further geographic expansion and growth in existing markets.

A financially attractive business model
OX2 has a capital-efficient and proven business model covering all stages of development in the value chain through to commercial operation, ensuring a steady flow of new wind and solar farms. Projects are acquired either through greenfield development or through the acquisition of projects. OX2 drives development and project implementation, including securing permits and financing. In the later stages of development, our focus shifts to selling off the farms to our customers, as well as organizing structured electricity sales agreements and providing technical and commercial management of wind and solar farms for our customers. We are well positioned in the value chain as access to permits to build new wind and solar farms is in short supply. Since 2004, we have developed and sold more than 3.2 GW, including 719 MW in 2021.

Growing demand for renewable energy
OX2 occupies a strong position on the rapidly growing renewable energy market. The market is an important part of the climate transition, with an increasing demand connected to the ongoing electrification in Europe. Renewable energy sources are not only sustainable, but for some years have also been the most competitive, scalable and fastest way to increase electricity. The cost of generating onshore and offshore wind power and solar power has decreased significantly in recent years. Willingness to pay and the longterm nature of investments in renewable energy means that the transition has really taken off.

Strong team and company culture 
OX2 is a knowledge-based organization with an experienced team of experts within the energy field, permit granting, financing, construction and technical and commercial management. We have a history of successful renewable energy development. OX2 is on a growth journey, with ambitious financial targets and a strong corporate culture that is imbued with both solid expertise and entrepreneurship. In both 2019 and 2020, OX2 received the ‘Best Managed Companies of Sweden’ award sponsored by Deloitte in cooperation with Nasdaq.