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Paul Stormoen
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer since 2011.
Born: 1981
Principal education: MSc in industrial economics, Linköping University, Sweden.
Other current positions: Board assignments in companies within the OX2 Group. Board member and partner of PSEVS AB. Partner of P A Stormoen.
Previous experience: Over ten years of experience in large-scale wind power. Has previously worked with business development and strategic issues within Accenture with a focus on the energy and financial sectors.
Shareholding in OX2: 790,467 shares through PSEVS AB.1)
1) Paul is also a minority shareholder of Peas Industries AB with approximately 12% of the shares and votes.

Johan Rydmark
Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer since 2019.
Born: 1977
Principal education: MSc in business and economics with a major in finance from Stockholm School of Economics and University of St. Gallen.
Other current positions: Deputy board member of CapeHearts Holding AB, Fredman Fastighet AB, Tenro Fastighet AB and Xygen MipCo AB.
Previous experience: Over 15 years of experience from leading positions in private equity with responsibility for issues in strategy, financing, governance, M&A and organisational development. Most recently, Director of Investment at Ratos AB with responsibility for operations in Finland. Previously, the majority of Board positions in Ratos’s portfolio companies as well as roles in investment banking and management consulting.
Shareholding in OX2: 632,373 shares.

Christoffer Brandorf
Head of Transactions

Head of Transactions since 2020.
Born: 1986
Principal education: MSc, Finance, Lund University, Sweden and McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
Other current positions: -
Previous experience: More than ten years of experience in corporate, project and capital market transactions. Previous experience includes roles in private equity and investment banking at 3i Private Equity and ABG Sundal Collier.
Shareholding in OX2: 790,467 shares.

Peter Tornberg
Head of Development and Acquisitions

Head of Development and Acquisitions since 2018.
Born: 1980
Principal education: MSc in industrial engineering and management, Linköping University.
Other current positions: Chair of the board of Gregoriana AB. Member of the investment committee of Baseload Capital AB. Deputy board member in subsidiaries and previous subsidiaries of OX2, Rose Windfarm AB, Karskruv Vind AB, Ljungbyholm Vind AB, Marhult Nät AB, Marhult Vind AB and SSB Vind AB.
Previous experience: More than 15 years of experience in the wind power sector. Most recently as Global Head of Land and Offshore Wind Development at Vattenfall. Naval reserve officer.
Shareholding in OX2: 1,579,636 shares.

Mehmet Energin
Chief Strategy Director

Chief Strategy Officer since 2019.
Born: 1985
Principal education: MSc, Economics, INSEAD, University of Oxford and Koc University.
Other current positions: -
Previous experience: More than 12 years of global experience, including eight years as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. During his time at McKinsey, based in Istanbul, Dubai and Tokyo, focusing on strategic issues and company financing for the energy sector in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
Shareholding in OX2: 1,448,289 shares.

Bita Yazdani
Transformation and operations director

Chief Operating Officer since 2020.
Born: 1983
Principal education: Master’s degree in business administration, with a major in finance from Stockholm School of Economics and Int'l Mgmt from HEC Paris.
Other current positions: CEO and board member of Lead Human Europe AB. Board member of Bita Yazdani AB.
Previous experience: More than 14 years of global experience as a management consultant focused on company transactions at EY for the Nordic, US and South-east Asia markets. Over the past four years, companies have supported sustainable growth through cultural strategy that strengthens adaptive capacity to develop leadership roles and organisation.
Shareholding in OX2: 342,544 shares through Bita Yazdani AB.

Sofia Brax, OX2

Sofia Brax
Chief People Officer

Chief People Officer since 2021.
Född: 1967
Principal education: BA in organizational & behavioral sciences, Uppsala & Stockholm University, DIHM Diploma in Business Administration at IHM.
Other current positions: Board member of Faktum (street newspaper)  Sverige AB, HAMT AB (Godisbanken), Binowo Park Sp. z o.o. (Golf in Poland), Owner of Sofia Brax AB.
Previous experience: Over 15 years of experience from leading positions in Human Resources for global and Nordic companies, whereof 10 years also as responsible for sustainability. 30 years of experience from change management through cultural and leadership development both as consultant and employee, including Director of Human Resources, Sustainability and Communication at Lindex AB.
Shareholding in OX2: 500 shares.

Katarina Grönwall
Chief communications Officer