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OX2 develops and sells wind and solar farms.
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About OX2

OX2 develops and sells wind and solar farms. OX2 has taken a leading position in large-scale onshore wind power over the past 17 years and has developed and sold approximately 3.2 GW in Sweden, Finland, Poland and Norway for clients such as Allianz, Ardian and IKEA. By constantly increasing access to renewable energy, OX2 is promoting the transition towards a more sustainable future. OX2 has operations in Sweden, Finland, Poland, France, Lithuania, Norway, Spain, Italy and Romania with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Sales revenue in 2021 was MSEK 4,983.

OX2 was listed on the First North Premier Growth Market on June 23, 2021 and moved to the Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market on April 6, 2022. As of June 1, 2022, the share will be included in the OMXSB, OMX Stockholm Benchmark Index.



Employees, 31 December 2021

17,371 MW

Total project development portfolio 2021

MSEK 4,983

Net sales 2021

MSEK 414

Operating income 2021

Business model

OX2’s expertise covers the entire value chain, from identifying new projects and acquisitions of project rights, to project development and finally delivery of projects through construction as well as technical and commercial management (TCM).

Project development portfolio

It is through the project development portfolio that OX2 builds long-term value and ensures that new projects are continuously developed and can be offered to the market. Last of June 2022, the project development portfolio amounted to 23,864 MW.

The size of OX2’s project development portfolio gives the Company a diversified portfolio of projects in different phases, technologies and geographies. This also contributes to a good understanding of the entire value chain from the initial phase to the handover of the projects. It is important for OX2 to be proactive and work to maintain a high inflow of new projects to ensure that it can cater to market demand.



OX2 operates in the European renewable energy market and specializes in the development of on- and offshore wind and solar power, grid connections, energy storage and management of self-developed projects. The Company’s addressable market of renewable energy development is driven by demand for electricity from renewable energy sources in the geographical markets in which the Company operates. OX2’s current core markets are Sweden, Finland, and Poland, where the Company has a strong market position. The Company also has an increasing presence in Southern and Eastern Europe, including markets such as France, Spain, Italy and Romania.

The global and European market for renewable energy systems is driven by a variety of principal trends, primarily factors such as reduced technology costs, increased pressure on national governments to commit to more ambitious goals and targets in the shift towards renewable energy, and an increased investor interest in renewable energy production. The development of the renewable energy market in the Company’s principal national markets in Sweden, Finland, and Poland, is further driven by additional factors such as the phasing out of old capacity, as well as an increase in electrification of industries, vehicles, and residential energy usage.