Sustainability at OX2

Sustainable leadership

It is important to OX2 that everyone has the same opportunities for development and conditions for doing their job. The company works to that there is fair representation of underrepresented groups. The number of women on the management team has increased from one to three. The number of women on the Board of Directors also has an increased from one to three. Of the 108 new employees recruited during the year, 41% were women. To ensure a gender-equal basis of recruitment, OX2 requires that its recruitment partners always present the same number of female candidates as male candidates. In 2022, recruiting managers will be
offered training to further increase awareness of gender-equal recruitment processes.


women in total


women in mangement and board of directors


Reported cases of harassment
or discrimination

Zero tolerance on discrimination or harassment
OX2 has a zero tolerance policy on discrimination and harassment. We use an external wissleblowing function which enables employees to report suspected misconduct anonymously.

Grievance reporting
To secure a safe work environment at our construction site, there is a physical letterbox as well as an e-mail address where employees and subcontractors can sumbit a grievance report related to the company's project and work environment.