Sustainability at OX2

Circular economy

OX2 will work with the industry to achieve a circular economy for all material and strive for net zero.We are a member of several industry organisations, such as the sustainability working group of WindEurope. One initiative from WindEurope that recently was adopted by it's memeber, was prohibiting the sending of wind turbine blades to landfill from 2025. We are also be a member of the Swedish Wind Energy Association’s new sustainability committee where circularity is discussed. OX2 also support RISE’s Rekovind initiative, which aims to increase the circularity of wind turbine blades through reuse and recycling.

Materials used in wind turbines

Approximately 85–90 percent of a wind turbine can be recycled or reused. The main challenge is the rotor blades, which consist mainly of composite material, which is currently difficult to recycle cost-effectively and without generating high emissions. Steel and iron account for 80–90 percent of the weight of a wind turbine and are mostly found in the tower of the turbine. The height of the tower affects how much steel and iron is used. Fibreglass composite generally accounts for 5–8 percent of the weight and is used mainly in the blades. Plastics account for 3–4 percent. Wind turbines also contain aluminium and electronics.