Financial targets

The Company’s target is to achieve an annual sale of projects corresponding to a capacity of:

  • More than 500 MW on average per year in 2021–2022;
  • More than 1,500 MW on average per year in 2023–2024, and
  • More than 2,000 MW per year in the medium term.

OX2’s goal is to reach an annual operating margin of 10% in the medium term. In certain years, the operating margin may be temporarily affected by increased operating costs in order to accelerate the Company’s growth.

OX2’s goal is to generate an annual operating profit of at least BSEK 2.5 in the medium term.

Dividend policy
The Company sees significant opportunities to reinvest cash flow into value-creating growth opportunities; no dividends are expected to be proposed in the short term.

OX2’s financial targets above constitute forward-looking information. The financial targets are based on a number of estimates and assumptions relating to, inter alia, the development of OX2’s industry, operations, results and financial position and are subject to risks and uncertainties. OX2’s actual results could differ materially from what is explicitly stated or implied in the forward-looking statements due to a variety of factors, some of which are beyond OX2’s control. OX2’s operations, results or financial position as well as the development of the industry and the macro-economic environment in which OX2 operates, can materially differ from, and be more adverse than, OX2’s assessment when the financial targets where set. Further, unpredicted events may, regardless of whether they are within OX2’s control or not, adversely affect the actual results that OX2 achieve in the future, regardless of whether these assumptions proves to be correct or not. See section “Risk factors” and “Important information– Forward-looking statements”. Accordingly, OX2’s ability to achieve these financial targets are associated with uncertainty and insecurities, some of which are beyond OX2’s control, and there are no guarantees that OX2 will achieve these targets or that OX2’s financial position or results will not materially differ from these financial targets.